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Friday, August 29, 2003
am in the comp lab now for eng. darn boring. but at least we get to use the comp. had teacher's day celebration just now. was alright. ms leong had the nicest smile award. hmm. den when we went for class just now, she was like smiling and smiling. hope she dun become ms faker no. 2. can't wait to go out later. 45 mins more. time is passing so slow. sighs. shall blog until here now.

posted by chow on 13:32

Saturday, August 23, 2003

wow. i can finally use the comp at home. nothing much to blog bout today. had tuition in the afternoon. was so tired. din noe wad she was teaching. slept from 4-9. the weather was darn nice to slp.

school yest was darn fun. mrs soh did not come again. hooray. well. but hope she is fine. sat with karina the whole day. den had chi test. was like darn funny. all the words tt karina and i learnt did not come out. haha. there was like so many blanks on the paper. can't wait to get back my paper and see wad prize she wld give to those hu got 80 and above. den had training under the very extremely super hot sun. left training at 5 to meet swei for tuition. our first chem tuition. laughed alot there. was teasing the guy hu sat in front of us. and we decided to make frens with him next week. we went to bugis to walk after tuition. we took neoprints! haha. it was darn retarded.

oh well. got to go church for class tmr -frowns. shall go slp now. ciaos~

posted by chow on 23:45

Saturday, August 09, 2003

was too lazy to blog yesterday so i shall blog today. went to visit my great grandmama yest. was waiting for a cab when i saw many ultra big red ants crawling on the floor. so i was happily shooing the ants off my shoe when suddenly one ant landed on my hand. was like so freaked out cos it was like damn huge. den i tried to shoo it away but it was like stuck on my finger. den the ant bite me. like so not pain. den finally the cab came. and i realise one ant followed us in. was dying to get out of tt cab! oh well. i am llike darn scared of the big red ants now. shall stop my ant story now. gonna meet swei, tanny, karina and charmaine for lunch later. we are going for the ndp later. so exciting. can't wait. ciaos~

posted by chow on 12:21

Thursday, July 24, 2003

finally blogging. got like no time to blog the past few days. its just test and test and test. like i am so not stress can. newaes. our junior had a match against northland today and the score was 1-1. congrats. and she just had to come down to spoil our mood. but hu cares bout her. haiz. tmr still got hist and maths test. shall go study now..

posted by chow on 21:54

Thursday, July 10, 2003

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posted by chow on 17:47

Thursday, July 03, 2003

just had tuition. got a new teacher. she is like huge and only 21. was so terrified when i saw her. my hand was trembling. den found out she was quite funny. she taught me how to draw a curve by bending our normal plastic ruler and she said dun let the teacher see. oh well. but it did not work at all!

got back chem and chi paper today. sucks. den went to buy harry potter chocs. bought like 13 only. can't wait for monday to come...

posted by chow on 22:12

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

[second day of e-learning]
today is bad. can't even log in to e-pebble. screw it lah. shall go back to slp after blogging. hmm. later going to swei's house to do homework. hiaz. nothing to blog now. gdbye e-pebble. u suck!

[anirak] thanks for signing my gbk dear. will be early to meet u later. we cannot play mahjong. only got 3 ppl. love u loads -mwas

posted by chow on 09:54



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